How To Be A Dominant?

Basically a dominant is an individual who holds a higher status than the rest,in a certain social group. These individuals are usually more aggressive towards their passion and goals. A dominant asserts control when dealing with those around him/her.

A BDSM relationship involves a a dominant and a submissive,Contrary to the dominants behavior, A submissive enjoys giving the dominant the privilege of control.Their submissiveness differs in some ways. Some offer service,while others offer obedience.The extent of what is being given up also varies from one individual to the other.

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How To Become a Dominant

  • 1. Have a Plan. A plan outlines, the steps and also the goals an individual wants to achieve. In this case,a dominant needs a plan of what he wants to achieve and how he/she will get there.As a result,suggestions aired by the rest will not act as distractions towards the desired goal.A good plan also enhances self assurance.
  • 2. Never expose your fears. Never show a defeated face to the world. Even when things are at their worst,always show that you are aware and in control. Never let the world know to what extent an issue has made you sweat.You should always portray a face of the ability to overcome whatever challenge.
  • 3. Learn to affirm Yourself. Never doubt yourself or your abilities. Make it a habit to always remind yourself that whatsoever your put your mind in, you can achieve. Even when that is not what you hear from the world, listen to your inner voice. If people can make you become what they said you are, how much more can you be,out of your inner belief and what you constantly tell yourself.
  • 4. Learn to say no.Do let guilt and manipulation make you do what you do not want to do. When you do not believe in how the rest view an issue, just remember that you owe no one any explanation. Stand firm in what you believe is right, or that which is in line with your plans and goals. Stand firm with your decision.
  • 5. Overcome your fears. Each and everyone of us have their own fears. Even the people we term the most confident have things that they can rarely talk about or address.The most important step to begin with is letting go. Always try to view things from a success perspective, and not the opposite. No person will be dominated by a leader who will chicken over very petty and solvable issues.
  • 6. Believe in yourself. Flee yourself from self doubt. Understand that you are capable and can do it, even with the worst circumstances. If it is difficult for you to believe in your abilities and trust your capabilities, it automatically becomes a challenge in your leadership. A dominant must first see themselves worthy of the respect from people, way before the people see it.

Unfortunately, very few people were born with a dominant personality. As a matter of fact,some people have this character but are not aware.

Luckily, being a dominant is something that any interested individual can learn. With the step by step guideline, one can begin to practice them. The most important thing is loving and understanding yourself, and convincing yourself hard enough that you are worthy of peoples respect, and can trust you with leadership. Submissives would admit and say that they would rather submit to an organized and confident guy who shows brevity,than to a disorganized and individual with no particular goal.

In a nutshell, to be a dominant you have to have won self battle, for you to take up leadership and help others fight theirs.

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