The Best Fetish Markets & Fairs in Europe

Want to know where the most desired sexy, fetish markets and fairs take place in Europe? Sure, you aren't the only person fantasizing about the upcoming kinky sex holidays and meeting hot kinky people in European fetish markets. Europe has got superb fetish holidays and sex parties to satisfy a pleasure-seeking person. Let's embark on a trip to the best fetish markets and fairs in Europe. Each has their particular flare, flavor, erotic characteristics, and hedonism.

German Fetish Ball, Berlin

The four-day German Fetish Ball, or GFB, is a combination of opulence, hedonism, sex, and crazy drinking. Hosted in late May to early June, GFB allows you to indulge in latex puppy suits and extravagant fetish fashion. Sex party fans from all over the world love the GFB for it is the place to find excellent sex toys and kinky accessories. The manufacturers of out-of-the-ordinary sex toys flock to the GFB too. Famous fetish models sex fashion designers, artists, DJs, VJs, and club owners, do not skip the German Fetish Ball Weekend. The awesome annual Berlin kinky festival is also offers the opportunity to purchase BDSM heavy leather and metal toys, masks, luxurious cat suits, and latex couture.

Kinky Salon, Copenhagen, Norway

In early June annually, Copenhagen in Norway is the venue for the hot, magical, and Kinky Salon will all its playful sexual liberation. Statues to depict sexy persons of all shapes and genders are part of the kinky parties at Copenhagen. To participate at the Kinky Salon, you need the company of a PAL, or Pervy Activity Liaison. The PAL is necessary just in case you desire safe and consensual sex. Kinky Salon welcomes all sexy people whether straight, queer, bi-sexual, or try-sexual to masquerade and enjoy the erotic world.

Leatherpride, Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp in Belgium is yet another European city offering vibrant fetish moments and fairs for kink aficionados. In mid-February, over 3000 top global porn actors, actresses, and fetish lovers gather at Antwerp, for a wildly popular, indoor fetish festival. Among the highlights at the six-day Leatherpride fair is the display of sexy images and Mr Leather Belgium contest, an award that goes to the ultimate, sexiest alpha male. The kinky party tales place at The Boots, one of the well-known fetish clubs worldwide. During the event the participants usually wear special underwear. The Leatherpride party is close to the gay clubs and bars in Antwerp.

Paris Fetish Weekend, France

The Paris Fetish Weekend is full of fun and sexy activities. Held in late May every year, the four-day multi-fetish Bruthal party features not only leather biker tours but also sexy playfulness, and humour. If you enjoy laughing during sex, kinky sex, playful erotic atmospheres, and wearing colorful, glittering sexual costumes, the Paris Fetish Weekend is a must-attend. The play-shop in Paris will be the opportunity to explore creative sexual actions, exercises, and discussions.

Kinky sex parties in Europe are amazing. They are the type of fetish festivals that give the participants the opportunity to discover the magical power of sex. Whether you are new to fetish fairs or an established kinky fan, look out for the above occasions.

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