How to Be A Submissive

BDSM is fascinating to many people who are either interested in giving up control or getting control. If you find the act of willingly relinquishing control to another person has piqued your interest or has gotten your sexual juices flowing, you probably love to be a submissive. Don't worry; you are not strange. For a lot of people, the fantasy of being spanked, ordered around, and coerced to perform sexual acts can be thrilling. If you haven't actually done it and don't know how to be submissive and please your dominant, we got your back with this article.

Determine your level of submission

There are different distinct levels of submissive and dominant. Some kinky singles use submission and dominance to add a little spice to their sexual lives. This includes fantasy role-playing in the bedroom a few times, with some dirty talk, light spanking, or bondage or femdom dating. For part-time submissive, the submissive lifestyle is a much more essential part of their lives. They may often invest in outfits and other props but do not allow their BDSM role to interfere with other aspects of their lives. On the other hand, full-time subs are the hard-core players who opt to live in a full-time submissive relationship. They usually give all control to their Dom in most or all areas of their lives. As a submissive, it is always best to start small and get your way into it. You should begin by trying out a little fantasy role-playing before completely submitting to full-time submission.

Know your limits

As you get into the world of submission, you will come across several things that test your comfort zone. This is why it is essential to know your submissive limits and what turns you off. You know what we are talking about, the things that make your juices flow. However, don't allow the things that turn you off of submission ultimately. You should know that just because others enjoy something does not mean that you have to. Know your limits and stand firm.

Learn about your dominant's fetishes

During BDSM dating, the main priority as a sub is giving up your desired level of control and concentrating on your partner. However, as a submissive, understanding why your partner likes being a Dom will help you develop ways to turn them on. When you decide to be a sub, you probably know why you like pain and submission. However, you might not understand why your partner loves and enjoys sadism and domination. For example, some dominants love dominating an obnoxious submissive while others love submissive who worship them with no question. Ask your dominant about what they love and listen carefully when they open up to you.

Maintain proper communication

One of the main aspects of BDSM is negotiation and communication. Proper communication before the actual scene will allow you to explain your limits, safeword systems, and other deliberations. Now it's not the time to be uncomfortable or shy with the thought of sharing your innermost sexual turn-offs and desires as it will affect your safety and whether you will enjoy your BDSM encounter. As a submissive, you should openly communicate with your partner about your sexual fetishes, desires, and wants to ensure that all sex play is consensual.

Always put safety first

The motto of BDSM play is safe, sane, and consensual. Whether you are diving into BDSM submissive play for the first time or are already a hard-core veteran, safety should always be the priority. As a submissive, you should always have a safeword system before getting into any BDSM scene. You can speak these simple safewords or phrases whenever you want to stop or slow down a scene. However, words like 'no' or 'stop' should be avoided when deciding on a safeword as they are sometimes used in heightening the excitement during a BDSM play.

Distinguish fantasy from reality

If you are interested in becoming a submissive, you should be able to distinguish reality from fantasy. Unless you have another plan, you and your Dom should know that your role-playing is just playing, not the reality. You should not let the actions or words of the Dom get into you and always maintain self-respect. However, unless you have proper communication with your dominant, they might assume that you are okay with the relationship. Of course, if your dominant partner does not stop to disregard your limits, you should have enough respect for yourself to end the relationship.

Be patient with yourself and your dominant partner

Regardless of how much you want to learn and experiment with your BDSM fantasy, you won't be perfect submissive overnight. Becoming an excellent submissive takes time and patience. Most submissive may even consider going through a training period. Also, you should be patient with Dom when things don't go well. Like you, they can also make mistakes. This can be frustrating, but you should keep calm, explain your feelings, and talk things out.

If you decide to explore the chapter of submission in your sexual life, these tips will help you have the utmost fun. With time, you might choose to close it in the future, or it might remain a significant part of who you are. Most importantly, you should always learn and improve from your experience and ensure you are enjoying being a sub. Today, you can easily find a dominant partner to fulfill your submissive fantasy via personals dating sites and online websites and apps.

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